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I have been painting, drawing and etching since 1977.
For thirty years I painted abstract landscapes. Although I always drew the figure. I did not paint it until 2 1/2 years ago. Painting is a meditation.
They are spiritual. They reveal themselves slowly. Whereas the Procreate images come fast. I like the contrast. One feeds the other. I am also an
Therapist. Everything is connected.



I have an MFA in painting from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California. I studied printmaking at Kala Institute in Berkeley.




Montana Art Gallery Dealer’s Association Museum Tour 1999-2000
Group Show Myrna Loy Theater Helena, Montana. 1999
Galeria D’Arte Zero 2000 Barcelona, Spain
Gallery Brocken Tokyo, Japan 1996
Multiple others from 1980 on.

Verge Center for the Arts tour 2019.

Antique mall event,  in 2020.

 BlueLineArts new member Gallery in 2020.


2022-2023    TTG Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2022        Verge Center for the Arts, Studio Tour, Sacramento, CA
2021        Verge Center for the Arts, Open Studio, Sacramento, CA
                Wild Dreams of a New Beginning, Roseville, CA
2020        BlueLineArts New Member Show, Roseville, CA
2019        Antiquity Midtown Winery, Sacramento, CA
                BlueLine Arts Submission, Roseville, CA
                AzazulArts, Sacramento, CA
                Goodman Gallery, Stockton, CA
                Verge Center for the Arts Open Studio Tour, Sacramento, CA
2000        Galleris d’ Arte Zero, Barcelona, Spain
1996        Frame Gallerie, Butte, MT
                Blue Venus Coffee Lounge, Butte, MT
1995        Arts Chateau, Butte, MT
1994        Installation / Performance, Artist’s Refuge, Basin, MT
1993        Copper Village Museum and Art Gallery, Anaconda, MT
1989        Graphic Arts Council of the Los Angeles County Museum Studio Tour
1987-93    Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Tours
1986        Theatre Gallery College of the Sequoias, Visalia, CA
1984        Graduate Center, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
                Artspaces ’84, Oakland, CA
1983        Artspaces ’83, Oakland, CA
                The Diner, Yountville, CA
1982        Vida Gallery, San Francisco, CA (two person)


1999-2000    Montana Art Gallery Dealer’s Assoc travelling show, various galleries, museums in MT
1996        Nine Person, Gallery Brocken, Tokyo, Japan
                Ward-Nasse “Art from the Heart”, New York, New York
                Paul Guillamette Gallery, “HAIR”, Butte, Mt
                Galleris d’Arte Zero, Barcelona, Spain
                Ward-Nesse “Poetry in Motion”, New York, NY
1997        “Emotional Fragments” Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, New York Sept.
                “Garbage Binge Art Show”, Idaho State University, Boise, Idaho September
                “International Salon ‘97” Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, New York June, July and August
                “The Brain and the Self” Copenhagen and Helsingor, Denmark, August
                “Between Art and Design” at Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain
                MONCLOA (government building) “Espacio Curvado”, Madrid Spain
                Art at the 7th Floor, Design Center, Washington, D.C.
1994        Women’s International Art Festival, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 
                Minot University, North Dakota
                Copper Village Museum and Art Gallery auction, Anaconda, MT
1991        Art Store, Pasadena, CA
                Life Drawing Show, Los Angeles, CA
1989        Seeking It Through Exhibition Auction, Los Angeles, CA
1988        Fresno Art Center Rental Gallery, Fresno, CA
                Fresno Art Center Auction, Fresno, CA
1987        Wade Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1986        Fresno Art Center Rental Gallery, Fresno, CA
1985        Los Robles Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
1984        T.M. Artworks Gallery, Galleria Design Center, San Francisco, CA
1983        Stanislaus State University, Turlock, CA
                Kala Institute, Berkeley, CA
                T. M. Artworks Gallery, Galleria Design Center, San Francisco, CA
1982        Oberon Gallery, Napa, CA
                Gallery Osgood, Napa, CA
                T. M. Artworks Gallery, Galleria Design Center, San Francisco, CA


1994        Artist in Residence, scholarship. Artist’s Refuge, Basin, MT
1984        California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA painting/teaching scholarship


2021        Cover of Inside Arden Magazine, March
1999        International Art Collective Catalogue
1997        Encyclopedia of Women Artist’s 1997
1994        Whitehall Gazette
1990        California Art Review, Vol. 2., 1990


Zifren, Brittenham, Brankca, and Fischer Law Firm, Century City, CA
Cole Wheatman Interiors, San Francisco, CA
Sunny Russ, Los Angeles, CA
Barry Kerner, M.D., New York
Eldonna Christie, M.D., Napa, CA
Burton and Susan Joy, San Diego, CA
Lena Longo, Los Angeles, CA
William Brun, Los Angeles, CA
Ragnars Veilands, San Francisco, CA


1995        Ph.D. National Institute of Expressive Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii
1984        M.F.A. Painting California College of Arts and Crafts
1982-83    Member Kala International Printmaking Institute-etching

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